role of women in death of a salesman




Write a research paper about the role of women in death of a salesman by using an approach on the feminist point of view in the play.


Paper should be 7 full pages not counting work cited page

Sources need to be scholarly sources (3 book sources)

For sources use these following books you can find on google books : (need one more source)

·      Feminist theories for dramatic criticism

·      Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman edited by Eric Sterling




-Introduce the play, author, date of publication, historical context, etc. Introduce the scope of the essay conclude with a clear thesis statement.


Body paragraphs:

-Expand on your thesis statement, begin with clear topic sentences and transitional phrases, include examples/quotes from the play to support thesis, and support your thesis with secondary sources (the books).Body paragraphs should create a balance of cited information and original ideas.



-Wrap up your analysis, reassert your thesis.


[Add a work cited page.]



·      MLA format

·      Doubled spaced

·      Times new roman 12pt font

·      1 inch margins

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