Wk3 discussion leader’s behavior

Describe a situation you have observed or experienced where a leader’s behavior directly affected an organization or department not meeting its goals? If you were the leader, what would you have done differently?

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I have seen it at my current job that I am working at. It again has to do with my boss. I have said before that she can be quite difficult to work for and with. She always wants it her way and no matter what is said she will be highly upset if it is not and she lacks communication skills. Both of those affect the department very negatively and have negative consequences on how productive we as a team are. Therefore, an example I am talking about is during one of our busier times. I am the supervisor so that would put me in charge of running the line and setting up. Well as we were running the project, I had to step away and take care of other pending issues. Well by the time I came back, my entire line was switching over to a very new project without any knowledge of me. As I approach, the line to see what is going on I see my boss frantically running around all pissed off and talking extremely rude to everyone including me. Therefore, I had tried to see what was going on and she said we were running the wrong project and this other one shipped sooner. That was why she stopped the production line and was switching over. I had asked her why had she not just come to me and allow me to make the switch instead of her. As her attitude and lack of communication was affecting the team and their performance.

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