Week One Discussion 1DQ

Why does cost containment remain an elusive goal in US health services delivery?

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Cost containment remains and will remain an elusive goal in US health services delivery for a variety of reasons. A few of the most impactful reasons are because our health care system lacks a central agency to govern the system, private entities seek profits, and the problems associated with “duplication, overlap, inadequacy, inconsistency, and waste” (Shi & Singh, 2019. p. 4). Standard cost containment methods are not adequate in our functionally fragmented system. The US does not have one central agency that governs health expenditures and resources. Instead, we maintain mostly a private system for funding and delivering health care. Due to this predominantly private system, the US is unable to utilize global budgets as a cost control method. Private entities such as third party insures and payers negotiate prices with health providers.

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