Week 5 Discussion 1 research report

What is the function of the “limitations” section of a marketing research report? What limitations exist in the marketing research project you designed for your Final Paper? Respond to at least two of your classmates.

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So much about a marketing research project needs to be accurate in order for the organization to make the best decision possible. That said, there are limitations. “The limitations section is an honest accounting of major aspects of the research that constrain or temper the findings and conclusions of a research problem” (Burns & Bush, 2012, p. 353). One must list all major concerns and address why they exist. Typically, the focus will be on finances, sample size, and personnel. (Burns & Bush, 2012). The company I work for now is considering an expansion of the plant. The shareholders and the board are relying on the information they received that we must increase production. In order for

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