Week 4 Discussion 3, Ethics Training

Mary is poor. She has not been able to find a job & has two children she needs to feed. Assume Mary is forced to let her children go hungry or steal some food from a local grocery store. Which should she do? Construct an argument that supports Mary’s decision to steal the food or an argument that shows why Mary should not steal the food. Critique the arguments offered by your classmates.

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Mary is faced with a problem that a lot of single parents are dealing with in today’s society. In my opinion stealing is wrong. The reason why is due to my religious background. The laws are clear on people whom are caught stealing & they will be prosecuted & if founded guilty will be sent to jail or assigned time for community services & will have to be placed on probation. Our text tells me that “Moral arguments are different from other kinds of arguments. The main difference is this: behind every conclusion about what “should” be done, ethically speaking, there is a value or values. Also, the values that underlie our moral arguments can typically be boiled down to three main kinds: Values hat relate to freedom (justice, respect, rights, equality, & so on, values that relate to well being (happiness, pleasure, welfare, benefits, & so on. Values that relate to virtue (ideals, ideal character traits, ideal habits, & so on” (Mosser, K. 2011, 5.2, par. 43).

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