Week 4 – Discussion 2 ways people are

In what ways are people manipulated by the media that they consume? Make sure to give specific examples.

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We are manipulated by the media we watch every single day. For example, we see this during every election year. We watch the campaign ads that just contain a lot of bad-mouthing one candidate or the other, instead of giving people the information they need to make the proper choice on who should be the next president. These ads, brainwash people into picking the candidate that can out due the other. Another example would be when kids watch TV ads for toys and products that are aimed at them. The manufactures use catchy music, flashy images, and other techniques to get the kids to feel that they NEED this product. One of the best examples would be the Power Rangers toy commercials from when I was a kid, they used images from the popular kids show to entice kids into the idea that they could be power rangers by buying the toys.

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