Week 4 Discussion 2 executive summary

Compare the sample executive summary and the sample conclusion and address the following: Describe two significant differences between the sections. Would you lose anything by omitting the conclusion section or the executive summary section? If yes, what would you lose? Offer us a link to a video or an article that complements your answer to the items above.

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While the executive summary is important to communicate information to the potential backer the executive conclusion is just as important because it further exemplifies the executive summary without contradictions. Although the executive summary is the first page of the business plan it is also the last creation of the plan because it is the equivalent to an introduction paragraph with a theses statement so-to-speak. Without the executive summary there would be no report introduction or proposal that outlines the summary. The executive summary will include declarations and supportive information therein without confusion or unnecessary jargon while the conclusion will identify and explain the jargon and information that is missing from the introduction to display to the reader who has gotten that far the true purpose of the document. The sole purpose of the executive summary is to show the reader/backer that their time is appreciated and with that we want to exhibit the content and critical aspects of the venture

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