Week 3 emerging global technologies

Describe three emerging global technologies and explain where each one is on the hype cycle. Defend your explanation

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In the “Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021,” Kasey Panetta (2020) talks about technologies that are currently being utilized and may be big key factors into the future of businesses. Since the pandemic, companies needed to adapt to many changes by thinking outside of the box. It has become apparent that technology has become more vital to future success. As companies are still figuring out the most efficient process to implement change and conduct business, there are technologies out there that can help with the process. The three that I have chosen to discuss are internet behaviors (IoB), privacy-enhancing computation, and distributed cloud. Internet Behaviors (IoB): The use of data collected through different types of technology to change behavior. Due to the pandemic a lot of organizations needed to adapt to CDC guidelines that were constantly changing. For example, masks needed to be worn, social distancing implemented, and hand washing/sanitizing needed to increase. Because these are changes in behavior, organizations/companies needed to find an efficient way to ensure compliance and implement these changes. Kasey Panetta talks about the use of RFID tags to track hand washing, computer visions to ensure employees are wearing masks, and speakers to point out any violations (2020).

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