Week 2 Learning Activity #1

Response to Strategies for Successful Marketing to the Federal Government Video: What are some of the strategies a small business can use to market itself to the Federal Government?

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Solution Preview:
There are several ways a small business can market itself to the Federal Government. One of the ways is through the use of the Federal Contractor Registry. According to their website, “The Federal Contractor Registry is a third-party registration assistance service that was created to address the needs of businesses looking to do business with federal, state and local governments” (The First Step in Government Contracting). This third party registration assistance helps vendors with the cumbersome enrollment process with the System for Award Management (SAM) registration which, according to FAR Part 4.1102(a), is a mandatory before a contract can be awarded to the vendor. The Federal Contractor Registry will help the small businesses market themselves to the federal government. The Simplified Acquisition Program () assists both small and large businesses to compete in the arena of simplified acquisitions. They assist these businesses by ensuring they are FAR Part 13 Compliant. According to the website, “The Simplified Acquisition Program is designed to help both large and small businesses win government service contracts between $2,500.00 and $150,000.00 and commercial item

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