Week 2, Discussion Question 2

Do you think instructional objectives help learning to occur? Why or why not?

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“Employees learn best when they understand the objective of the training program. The objective refers to the purpose and expected outcome of training activities.” (Noe, 2010)Instructional objectives serve as a means for the employee/student to see their desired outcome. It is far easier to achieve something we are aware exists, than to achieve the unknown. Instructional objectives serve as a guide for employee/students. Objectives tell employee/students what is expected of them, and remove much of the guesswork when they are clearly defined. “A training objective (learning objective) has three components:1.A statement of what the employee is expected todo (performance or outcome)2.A statement of the quality or level of performance that is acceptable (criterion).3.A statement of the conditions under which the trainee is expected to perform the desired outcome (conditions).” (Noe, 2010)

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