Week 2 Discussion Question 1: Needs

If you had to conduct a needs assessment for your current employer (or most recent, if not currently employed) describe the method you would use. Why did you choose that method?

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I would use the interview method to conduct a needs assessment. The interview process is a good way to uncover detail of training needs as well as causes of and solutions to problems. There are only 12 employees at this company therefore, it will not be very time consuming. I would assure autonomy so the answers would be more honest. The interview method is a great way to explore unanticipated issues that may come up. Questions asked can be modified depending on the responses given, making it a better choice than questionnaires. The SME’s (subject matter experts) in this case employees would already be familiar and comfortable with me, taking away that threatening or uneasy feeling. Having observed this company for the past 3 years I have some insight already that would help in the three processes of the assessment.

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