Week 2 Discussion 1: Structures

Define the component in your own words. Provide a real-world example of the component to show how it might be exhibited in everyday life

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In my own words I believe semantics means that words can carry meanings that differ from person to person or culture to culture and can symbolize something totally different depend on who is referencing the word. The book states that “Semanticity is a complex concept referring to the nature of the human language in which ideas, objects, or events are represented by a certain combination of sounds that form meaningful symbols” (Honigsfeld, & Cohan, 2015).

I real word example of this would be something that I deal with daily. My husband was born in Jamaica, not a day goes by that he calls things or refers to things differently then I do or was taught. In the English language we refer to the birds that eat roadkill or dead things from the streets as vulture birds. In Jamaica although they speak English they speak patois and they call the same birds John crow. Although the bird is the same it has different name in the two countries but symbolize the same meaning.

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