Week 2 – Discussion 1 communication tech

Identify what techniques you can implement to improve the likelihood that your communications will be received and understood as you intended. Can you identify and reduce the likelihood of barriers interfering with the communication? Give examples.

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By making use of effective communication techniques we can transmit information more accurately and in a concise manner, helps us to aid others in receiving the message as intended. The power of silence is a technique that can only be utilized in specific situations, but when applied, it’s incredibly effective, in other words, if an individual giving the presenter their undivided attention, and is able to withstand distraction, all information communicated is obtained. Communicate with enthusiasm is another technique, used to communicate in an effective manner, from my experience of dealing with my family and co-workers, just showing the enthusiasm when son or wife tells me about their day, makes them feel important. In every corporation, it is important that business leaders make themselves aware of the barriers that may prevent organizational communication. Leadership should use common words that

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