Visual Basic

Part A. open the average score solution. Debug the application. when finished debugging the application save the debugged version for submission.


Part B. open the farmington solution file. Debug the application. when finished debugging the application save the debugged version for submission.


Part C. the manager of willow springs health club wants a program that allows her to enter the number of calories and grams of fat contained in a specific food. The program should calculate and display two values: the foods fat calories and its fat percentage. the fat calories are the number of calries attributed to fat and are calculated by multiplying the foods fat grams by the number 9; this is because each gram of fat contains nine calories. The fat percentage is the ratio of the foods fat calories to its total calories. you calculate the fat percentage by dividing the foods fat calories by its total calories then multiplying the result by 100. The fat percentage should be displayed with zero decimal places. create a visual basic application. the following names should be used for the soluction and the project. Willow solution and willow project.


Part D. The payroll clerk at sun projects wants an application that computes an employees net pay. the clerk will enter the hours work and rate of pay. for this application you do not have to worry about overtime because employees are not allowed to work more than 40 hours. the application should calculate and display the gross pay, federal withholding tax, social security and medicare tax (FICA), state income tax and net pay. the Federal witholding tax is 20% of the gross pay the FICA is 8% of the gross pay and the state income tax is 2% of the gross pay.

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