Virtual Memory Simulation


The objective of this lab is to simulate and evaluate a virtual memory system, and experiment with different page replacement algorithms. You will need a threads package, e.g., pThreads thread package.

Assume that you have a 16-bit address space, 16 KB of main memory, and 2 KB page size. Virtual memory simulation consists of three components: a virtual address generation component, address translation component, and a statistics reporting component. Implement each component by a separate thread.

The virtual address generation component generates a sequence of 16-bit virtual addresses and writes them in an integer buffer inBuffer of size 10. Write a function getNextVirtualAddress( ) for generating virtual addresses. This function may generate virtual addresses at random or based on a trace obtained from some source.

The address translation component implements virtual address to physical address translation using a page replacement algorithm (select a page replacement algorithm). This component reads the next virtual address from inBuffer and translates that address to a physical address. It prints the virtual address and corresponding physical address in a file. It also increments an integer variable (numberOfPageFaults) on every page fault. Use appropriate bit operations (<<, >>, ~, |, &, etc.) to implement this address translation. Feel free to implement a separate version of this component for every page replacement algorithm you want to experiment with.

The statistics reporting component prints the total number of page faults (numberOfPageFaults) at the end.


C or CPP program (source codes)

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