Video.. Questions.. Paragraph Read Formatt Carefully! Read Instructions! Information Included






           a) Copy and paste the four quiz questions AND the reaction paragraph prompt onto a Word document (.doc or .docx).   

           Then answer each question underneath the question and type in the paragraph underneath its prompt.  Save your  

           document as Video # ___   and then attach it to the submission site.  Do not copy and paste it into the text box.  


           b) Heading – to be placed in the upper left hand corner of your document



                  Video Quiz/Reaction Paragraph  # ____ (1, 2, 3, or 4, etc. through 11)  

                  Name of Video selected


           c) Font: Use Arial, Calibri, or Comic Sans – do NOT use Times New Roman


           d) Spacing – You can single space your short answers, but DOUBLE SPACE THE REACTION PARAGRAPH to allow space for  

               your instructor’s comments.


           e) Do NOT include a cover page for this assignment. 






 Video #6 (Links to an external site.)The Second Shift

Quiz Questions:

1) What is the main point of the video?  

2) Based on the video, what are the detrimental effects of the “Second Shift” on women who work full time?  

3) According to the video, what do the majority of men do at home after work?

Paragraph Topics  (Write ONE paragraph on either one or both – if you need more content – of the two topics below:

4)  a) Are any of the scenarios in the video familiar to you (either in your parents’ relationship or your own?) If so, explain.

      b) Why do you think domestic responsibilities continue to be divided unequally between men and women – and what do you think could bring about a change in this situation (on either the micro, middle, and/or macro level of society)?   




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