This is for Kim Woods

This is in Survey of Healthcare Management and the assignment is below. I need original work, website links to at least 6 references for the individual part and 5 website links to the group part and need it next 24 hours if possible? These will be 2 separate assignments please. The individual is a word document and the group is Power Point. I thank you in advance.



Unit 4 Individual Project




Your health care organization has called upon you to lead a work team to identify service-quality problems within the environment.


Individual Portion


Answer the following questions about work teams:


  • What are the benefits of a strong work team?
  • What are the common problems that a work team can face when working together?
  • When is it appropriate to use work teams?
  • What is the individual’s role within the team?
  • Do you feel that a work team is beneficial to the staff?



Group Portion – Power-Point


By mandate, all medical records must be electronic by next year. Your facility will be moving toward converting the hard-copy medical records to an electronic format prior to the system becoming fully automated. As a work team, your group has been declared the project team on the medical record conversion and must move forward with the project as fast as possible. Within your group, you will need to set up roles for the team, consider a budget, and monitor the transition to an electronic health information management system.


Within your group, you will need to address the following in a PowerPoint Presentation with 10-12 slides:


  • What are the possible roles team members could play in the implementation of the medical record automation project? Assign those roles and determine what the responsibility will be for each role.
  • To implement this project, a budget must be created to assess the cost of acquiring and implementing the new system. What is the purpose of creating such a budget for this type of project?
  • What indicators would warn you that the team that is planning this transition to an electronic health information management system is not functioning well?
  • How would you handle this as a work team?

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