Technical report writing

Assignment 01

Use a web search engine, such as Google, to locate ONE publication associated with your field, such as journals, magazines, and newsletters published by professional societies and trade organizations. Review your chosen publication to answer the following questions:

1. What is the title of the publication?

2. What is the publication’s URL?

3. What are the various audiences for the publication?

4. What are the various purposes of the publication?

5. How do audience and purpose influence the type of information contained in the publication and the manner in which it is presented?

6. It is late April, and you need a summer job.  On your town’s news website, you see an ad for a potential job.  The only problem is that the ad specifically mentions that the job is “a continuing, full-time position.”  You know that you will be returning to college in the fall.  Is it ethical for you to apply for the job without mentioning this fact?  Why or why not?  If you believe it is unethical to withhold that information, is there any ethical way you can apply?


Submit your review as an attachment through the e-mail on Blackboard.



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