Syrian Refugee Crisis. DESCRIPTION OF CONFLICT CASE Follow ALL listed below instructions for this paper. A. Name of Social Conflict­ Syrian Refugee Crisis B. Overview of the Conflict C. Key Parties Involved D. Key Events E. Issues in Dispute F. Co

Follow ALL listed below instructions for this paper. 
A. Name of Social Conflict­ Syrian Refugee Crisis 
B. Overview of the Conflict 
C. Key Parties Involved 
D. Key Events 
E. Issues in Dispute 
F. Conflict Outcomes 
CONFLICT THEORY CONCEPT EXPLANATION *Use one or more of conflict theory from ­James A. Schellenberg “Conflict Resolution” Theory, Research and Practice”. 
G. Conflict Concept Name 
H. Source of the Concept ­ who & where 
I. Explanation/Definition of Concept 
J. Applications of Theory to Case 
K. Implications of the Theory 
L. More Information on Your Sources 
M. Related Online Resources 
Use Only Scholarly References. These listed below must be utilized in the paper. Other on line resources are also acceptable if from scholarly research sites. 
1. Conflict Resolution­ Theory, Research and Practice. James A. Schellenberg. 
2. Using Conflict Theory. Bartos & Wehr ** Focus as much as possible on specifically impacted areas, rather than just broad debates about responsibility.

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