SOC 320 Week 2 Discussion 1

Explain the problem identification and agenda setting stages of the policy process… What is agenda setting? Who is responsible for agenda setting in the public policy process? Be sure that you provide a thorough discussion of the process whereby a problem ultimately ends up on an agenda to be discussed.

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The problem identification stage in the policy making process is the starting point of the process. It sets the tone for the cycle and for it to be a successful public policy the problem must be clearly defined and understood. The agenda setting phase helps policy makers decide which problems need to be addressed. This is the ability to place items on the agenda for consideration and keep other items off. According to the policy project (n.d.), Agenda setting refers to actually getting the problem on the formal policy agenda of issues to be addressed by presidents, cabinet members, Parliament, Congress, or ministers of health, finance, education, or other relevant ministries (para. 7).

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