SOC 313 Reading Reflection 5

“Discussion on Contemporary Racial Realities

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People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them.” As I was reading Feagin’s Contemporary Racial Realities I realized something that recently happened to me that might have been oblivious to in the past. I have had racist encounters before. The only reason I came to America was because of racist and xenophobic encounters in South Africa. However, after being in this class for a while, I’m starting to notice the subliminal racists. A few days ago, I closed one of my biggest web development clients, Uncle John’s Cider Mill. During a business meeting, I was handed a check and of course, I was delighted. I tried uploading the check to my mobile banking system, but because of how large it was my bank wouldn’t accept it. So, a few days later I decided to take a drive to Mercantile Bank, which is the bank that my check came from. As I was walking in, another white man walked in with me. He sat at the first receptionist and I went to the second one.

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