SOC 313: Introduction


Sociology, social science, and the liberal arts to one degree or another all endeavor to investigate aspects of human existence

Sometimes the questions generated by investigation are fairly clear, for example

How many people are using social services in the country you live in?Sometimes the questions are extremely complex, for example

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Will increasing mandatory criminal sentences decrease the crime rate in your country?Although there are many approaches to answering questions in sociology, we will be focusing on what computer assistant statistical analyses provide to researchers

BackgroundSociology is the study of human social relationships, institutions, and the effect of collective human decision making on our material world

As a parallel discipline, criminology is the study of the causes and correlates of crime, including laces, human behaviors concerning those laws, and other deviance or paraphilia’s that display non -conformist conduct By trade I am a criminologist, so i will be using both sociological and criminological examples throughout the course

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