SOC 313: Introduction Barb

Introduce yourself to your classmates and the instructor by stating who you are, where you live, and any other interesting information you would like to share.

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Hello, my name is Barbara Elmore and I am a Senior here at Ashford University. I am studying for an Applied Science degree and aspire to be successful in my long-term goals. My career goals have changed since entering this program. At the start I aspired to make a difference and become a great psychologist; devoting my life to helping others. As I have become more aware educationally I realized that helping others is not a pursuit that bears the fruit I would like. I developed a clear understanding of a person needed to receptive to being helped, changing a perception of growing as a person to know I would rather devote my time elsewhere. I am a mom of a toddler, I also am a full-time homemaker and a volunteer worker as an active listener on a therapeutic website. I aspire to go to peace corp when I graduate to help the underprivileged. I am outgoing, I love the outdoors, horses and nature. I am passionate about history, art, music. I am very interested in anthropology and knowing how cultures developed, how they lived and what their values were. Overall I am enjoying learning and am the type to want to be at work than at home. I feel empowered when giving to something or someone else.

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