SOC 312 Week 2 Discussion 1

Discuss both Jacob’s and Patrick’s reaction to the “mean monkey.” What stage would Erickson say each child is in? How do these different stages influence their values and attitudes? Do you think it is possible for a child over the age of three to have trouble understanding that his or her beliefs can be false? Explain your reasoning.

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In the video Theory of Mind, mean monkey experiment the two children were presented with the choice of stickers to choose from. The children needed to pick the sticker they wanted they were told the mean monkey would always choose first and choose the sticker that the child wanted. The three-year-old, Jacob always selects the sticker he wants even though he knows the mean monkey will pick the same sticker and he will be left with the sticker he did not choose. The psychologist continuously repeats that the mean monkey will take his chosen sticker, but he cannot comprehend what she means. Jacob repeatedly chooses the sticker he wants.

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