SOC 307Week 2 Discussion 1

What does “doing gender” mean? What are examples of “doing gender” that you see every day?

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“Doing gender” is described by sociologist as a routine accomplishment done in everyday life (Schoepflin, 2011). This is the idea that gender isn’t something that we are adherently born with like sex (Stenheimer, 2016). Gender is something that we are taught by society as a child and then, we continue to actively preform it throughout our lives (Stenheimer, 2016). Gender is a social creation that we all agree to act and display.

We see individuals “doing gender” everyday of our lives, in every setting. Men carrying wallets and women carrying purses. Men with short haircuts, and women with long ones. Men in pants, and women in dresses. Women sitting legs closed taking up small amounts of space with their bodies, and men legs spread with bodies open and taking up room. Male children in blue, and female children in pink. Women and men having names assigned to their gender, e.g. Mark or Tom for a man, and Linda or Cindy for a woman. The list could go on and on. As our resources

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