Select one text of fiction (novel or story) that made an impression on you. Write an essay and explain why.

Think about the novels and stories you have read in your life-either as part of school work or just your own reading, recent texts as well as those from your childhood.


Select one text of fiction (novel or story) that made an impression on you.(what that impression is is up to you to determine.)


Write a short essay in which you explain, in some detail, why this text stayed with you. You may need to BRIEFLY summarize the story, because it may be likely that i (or other readers) will not know it.


Examine things like plot or character or setting or the prose style or whatever literary/story elements you like, but BE AS SPECIFIC AS YOU CAN, even if you are drawing on memory.


You won’t have much space for lengthy discussion, so get to the point quickly. Consider basic essay elements (intro, thesis, body, conclusion); full paragraphs; clear and grammatical sentences.

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