Nutrition Education Program

Theory-based Nutrition Education Program

Part 1: Using your Unit 5 project as a base, prepare a 12-15 page paper using the outline below. You should also review the information on the NCHEC site using the instructions below to ensure you have included adequate details in your project.

  1. National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC)
  2. Select Health Education Credentialing.
  3. Click on Responsibilities and Competencies.
  4. Read the Responsibilities and Competencies of Health Educators.
  1. Analyze Food and Health Behaviors, Assets, and Needs to State Program Behavioral Goals (Step 1)
    • Identify high-priority health issues and primary intended audience
    • Identify high-priority health behaviors contributing to the selected issues
    • Statement of the program’s behavioral or action goals
  2. Identify Personal and Environmental Mediators of Change (Step 2)
    • Description of the socio-cultural audience in which your audience lives
    • List of current behaviors, practices, and environmental factors that are assets
    • List of thoughts, feelings, and skills that potentially mediate audiences motivation to act
    • List of potential actions for the program to take to provide environmental and policy supports
    • Description of audience characteristics and list of resource considerations
  3. Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice (Step 3 and Step 4)
    • Program theoretical model
    • Statement of philosophy of nutrition education
    • Statement of personal perspective on nutrition content and issues
    • List of program components
    • Nutrition education program objectives for all components
  4. Design Nutrition Education (Step 5)
    • List general educational objectives for each session
    • Describe the overall design plan for the session in the form of a matrix that links mediators, objectives, and activities
    • Write the narrative educational plan that translates the matrix into a form ready for teaching and presenting
    • Discuss how learning style research will be used for implementation of program
    • Include the two pieces of nutrition education material designed for the program – one visually based and one text-based to be delivered using the Web
    • Include the resource list that you developed
  5. Implement Nutrition Education
    • Describe implementation plan for delivering the nutrition education program via the Internet and in a face to face setting
    • Including implementation timeline
  6. Evaluate Nutrition Education (Step 6)
    • Diagram of conceptual framework for program evaluation
    • Indicators of and measures for evaluating individual level changes
    • Description of and hotlink to three surveys created to evaluated the three levels of change (mediators, behaviors, health outcomes)
    • Discussion of how the program and evaluation data could contribute to research in the field
    • How will you communicate your research findings to key stakeholders and community members?
  7. Nutrition Educators as Change Agents
    • Explain the major roles and responsibilities of nutrition education professionals in planning, implementing, evaluating, and managing your health education intervention.

Part 2:

2a. Create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation summarizing the main points of your intervention. Include the following key pieces of information:

  • Nutrition issue and audience identified and justification
  • Theory used and justification
  • Program objectives
  • Outline of sequenced educational activities
  • Summary of environmental support plan, delivery plan, and evaluation plan
  • Key points of the two pieces of nutrition education multimedia created

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