Bodus Environmental Science with Lab

week 2



Exercise 1. Compare/contrast commercial wind turbines “offshore” versus “on land”. Compare the electricity created from a home wind turbine versus a home wind “spire”. How many wind spires would your home ( or use an average 2000 square foot home)? need to cover your daily electrical needs? (Cite your references.)

Exercise 2. Geothermal heat is having another “revival”. Explain how it works in a home and how much it would cost to add this to your home (determine your square footage or use an average 2000 square foot home)? Cite your references. How much would it cost to install enough solar panels on your roof to generate all your daily electrical needs? How many panels (size?) would you need? How can landscaping (trees/bushes) affect your heating and cooling bills?

Exercise 3. Choose any three cars brands that are a minivan, a compact car, and a sedan/crossover. Compare their mileage (city versus highway). Do any of these models come as a hybrid? If not choose one that does. Compare the fuel statistics for the same car as a “regular” gasoline car and the hybrid version. In your budget and life style, explain the fuel savings if your next car purchase was a hybrid vehicle. Include all references used.


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