Ronald Taylor Jr. (give feedback)

Guided Response: You will respond to your classmates who gave you feedback on your draft post.  In addition, post to two classmates on their draft, using the checklist on peer review/feedback to guide your critique.  To ensure that everyone receives peer feedback, respond to classmates posts who have no or only one response.  Be sure to focus on the thesis statement, topic sentences and paragraphs, research integration, fallacies, and the conclusion.  Your initial posts to your classmates should be a minimum of 300-words.


Hello everyone,

Rough Draft is how I’d like you to title this thread.  Be sure to attach your rough draft in a Word document. Do not cut and paste it into the threads. .

Keep in mind you are being graded on your feedback to two classmates (on their rough drafts using things from the criteria checklist) so you’d have to post your draft and those two feedbacks by Thursday.  Two more feedbacks are due on day 7 (respond to two people who responded to your rough draft).  Again, two feedbacks on two rough drafts using the criteria list by Thursday, response to two peoples’ responses by Monday.   If you don’t a response to your draft just give feedback to two other people (doesn’t matter if they didn’t respond to your draft:).

I attached a draft feedback criteria sheet on the week 4 announcements so be sure to get a look at it before creating your own list.

The sample final rough draft is posted in the week 4 announcements. Please read over it and  keep it handy when typing up your final copy due next week.

Please do not respond to the starter threads I posted here. These are part of the thread and I like to keep this part of the classroom nice and clean.

I’d very much appreciate it. 🙂


Dr. Kay

Draft Guidelines


1.  Times New Roman font at 12, double spaced, each paragraph properly indented.

2.  Proper APA title page (as outlined by the college, a bit different than an APA title page which only requires a title, your name, name of college)- Essay Title, your name, course name and number, my name (Dr. Rick Kay), date submitted). Also need proper running header and page numbers throughout.

3.  8-10 long, detailed sentences per paragraph in 5 paragraphs.

4.  Minimal amount of “I” and other first person references.  No stories about life…… more on the topic less stories.

5.  Three sources must be quoted, cited, and referenced using proper APA direct quotes, citations, and reference list

Draft Structure Tips

Part 1

Para 1- Start off with a broad statement about your career position, explain, provide details on the type of institution (private, public, proprietary), comment,  then say why you feel this is a good fit, comment, use transition to the next paragraph. (8-10 sentences, minimal first person “I”, no quotes or citations here).

Part 2

Para 2- Introduce one of your theoretical perspective on teaching, explain, comment, explain the purpose of education, explain, quote, (1-2 sentences), comments, use transition to the next paragraph (8-10 sentences, minimal first person “I”).

Para 3- explain how students learn, comment, say how you will teach/assist learning, comment,  list a few standards in a sentence or two each, explain, quote (optional, short quote 1-2 sentences,) comment, transition to the next paragraph (8-10 sentences, minimal first person “I”)

Part D

Para 4- discuss the standards in your chosen field in a sentence each, explain, quote (1-2 sentences), comments, use transition to the next paragraph. (8-10 sentences, minimal first person “I”).

Para 5- Introduce 3-4 standards in a sentence each, explain, comment, explain why they are important to your philosophy of education in a few sentences, comment, provide closure for the reader (8-10 sentences, minimal “I” to be used, no quotes or citations here).



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