Question 2, Page 176 terrorism

What options does a company have for helping to prevent terrorism or to better manage terrorist actions if they occur?

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Terrorism is defined as “unlawful acts of violence committed for a wide variety of reasons including for ransom, to overthrow a government, to gain release of imprisoned colleagues, to exact revenge for real or imagined wrongs, and to punish nonbelievers of the terrorists’ religion” (Ball 160). Terrorism can be devastating for international business as it can disrupt trade flows, result in destruction or theft of corporate property, or result in impositions of trade sanctions. Given the destructive nature of terrorism, it is in the interest of companies’ to find ways to either prevent of better manage terrorist actions when they do occur. Several countermeasures that companies can take in an effort to prevent terrorism antiterrorism training courses for executives, evasive driving training in the event that you are fleeing from terrorists, and use of antiterrorist surveillance detection. International Training Inc. (ITI) is one company that teaches antiterrorist courses. Other countermeasures include ‘hardening’ an executive automobile or transforming it into an armored car in order to help prevent kidnappings (Ball 161).If, unfortunately, an act of terrorism does occur, the extent of its damage to a company can be mitigated through the purchase of insurance that would cover the cost of a ransom, negotiation expenses, the wages of the hostage, and counseling for family members. With the rise in terrorism, companies specializing in negotiations have also come in to being and can be employed in an effort to improve the outcome of the act of terrorism (Ball 161). Other anti-terrorism measures include proper training and awareness for all employees, suspicious mail training, bomb threat training, and training on the proper procedures to take in case of an act of terrorism (antiterrorism-planning).With the rise in technology over the last few decades, cyberterrorism—computer based terrorism—has also become an increased threat. Cyberterrorism could result in the theft or destruction of company property, trade secret, or sensitive information. For example, in 2012,

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