Project Presentation Guideines

Project Presentation Guideines: “Please prepare a Power Point Presentation using the regression model in stata · Note – merely displaying a regression equation or an arima model alone will earn only a satisfactory grade. To receive maximum points the presentation should address the background of the problem, the theory you are testing, empirical results, problems with the study, additional comments, etc. · 7 to 12 minutes is the suggested time for your presentation. ” It could be any topic… here are some suggestions. Should have 3 variables at least: Air pollution and Population Divorce Rates, Birth Rates, and Female Participation in the Labor Force The Effect of Unemployment on Crime Police Expenditures and the Deterrence of Crime The Relationship between Exports and Growth in Less Developed Countries Please include a regression table on a slide or page and explaining different variables, values, CI, whether there is statistical significance,etc.

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