Please help me with my research paper

Please write a research paper following these steps :


his paper should be a 8-9 pages (2000-2500 words) expansion and revision of a brief in-class writing assignment and a short literary analysis paper on “The Author to Her Book” by Anne Bradstreet. The paper must include a works cited. You must use MLA style documentation. The only secondary sources you are allowed to use are peer-reviewed journal articles accessed from the MLA International Bibliography, JSTOR, and Academic Search Complete during Summer A. and books published by academic or university presses. This paper should also include at least three secondary sources. This paper should incorporate literary criticism and address how and why your interpretation of the poem expands upon or differs from the interpretations offered by literary critics.

Research paper

Criteria for Evaluation


Content/Organization – The paper should have an introduction with a strong thesis statement, the body of the paper/exam should contain credible, detailed, and consistent supportive evidence, and there should be an effective conclusion. The argument should be logical, coherent, and focused. (0-25 points)

Grammatical and mechanical ability – The paper should be free of awkward sentences, punctuation errors, spelling errors, and other errors that lessen the credibility of the author and of the paper/exam. (0-25 points)

Documentation – The paper should be documented properly. You should use MLA style documentation (consult your handbook). Remember to cite parts of the text (s) and/or sources using the parenthetical citation style. It is also necessary to include a works cited of your sources. All of the sources in the works cited must be cited within the essay according to MLA format in the paper/exam. (0-25 points)

Originality – The paper should provide fresh insight and perspective into a topic. The paper should not just be a summary of trite or superficial commentary on a topic, but should illustrate true analysis of how and why the particular text is shaped a certain way and the effect of the particular work. Don’t restate the obvious. (0-25points)





Evaluation is based on criteria for the assignments.

Note : Please give me a good work , plagiarism free , since this is the final version of the research paper. please don’t let me down.

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