PHI 413 week 2 discussion 2

As you reflect on Meilaender’s readings, what is his distinction between procreation and reproduction, as well as that of being begotten versus being made? Do you agree with his description? Why or why not?

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I glean from the reading assignment that only Jesus was begotten, as God’s life was transferred to his Son. Mortals on earth are not begotten, they are creations of a male’s sperm and a female’s ovum, and two terms are described in Meilaender’s writings: procreation and reproduction. A husband and wife’s sexual union, an act of love, is to create a child that will continue the family lineage (Meilaender, 2013). The child created through procreation as a result of his father and mother’s union feels a sense of honor to his parents as well as a sense of family lineage. A child who is “reproduced”, on the other hand, is the product of in vitro fertilization which is essentially creating a human being outside the woman’s body. In addition, the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (which tests for chromosomal defects in the fetus) gives the parents knowledge that the child could have a defect such as Down’s syndrome. For the Christian who accepts all humans as made in the image of

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