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Actions for Activity/Discussion 5: Communication with Children


Watch one of the following movies and observe the world from a child or adolescent’s perspective. Note how the adults in the movie communicate with the children. What aspects of their communication are effective or ineffective? How sensitive were the adults to the child’s unique perspective of the world? Write about this in your discussion. Movies:

Little Man Tate; Searching for Bobby Fisher.To Kill a Mockingbird; My Girl; I Love You, I Love You Not; Ordinary People; The Breakfast Club 

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Activity/Discussion 6 Parenting Styles

Actions for Activity/Discussion 6 Parenting Styles


Read the excerpts from the books/websites above. Although there are 3 books and 2 websites, the total number of pages is quite small. After reading the material from the Berger textbook, discuss what you think about the authoritative (not authoritarian) parenting style and how it fits with your values and cultural background. If you are a parent, do you use this style? If not, why not? If you are not a parent, would you strive to use this style with your children? (It’s not too early to think about this, and it’s an important issue to consider if you work with parents.) How easy/hard is it to be an authoritative parent? Note the information in the reading that addresses some cultural considerations. Post your answer to these questions on the bulletin board. Compare and contrast Dr. John Rosemond’s parenting approach with the PET approach of Dr. Barbara Coloroso. How are these approaches different? Which one do you most agree with and why? Post your response.

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