Penn State STAT 200 MidTerms

1. Which one of the following variables is categorical?
A) Number of homeruns hit in a professional baseball player’s career
B) The number of students on a bus
C) The manufacturer of an automobile
D) The daily high temperature in Chicago
2. The distribution of salaries for most businesses is known to be skewed to the right or positively skewed. Which of the following would be the BEST measure to determine the location of the center of the distribution?
A) Mode
B) Mean
C) Variance
D) Median
3. A study published in 2000 attempted to estimate the proportion of Florida residents who were willing to spend more tax dollars on protecting the Florida beaches from environmental disasters. Twenty-four hundred Florida residents were surveyed. Which of the following is the population used in the study?
A) All Florida residents
B) All Florida residents who lived along the beaches
C) The 2400 Florida residents surveyed
D) All residents of the United States
4. When reporting the five number summary for a dataset, the interquartile range (IQR) is one of these five numbers.
A) False
B) True
5. Parking at a large university has become a very big problem. University administrators are interested in determining the average parking time it takes for stud3ents to find a parking spot. A study is done that includes the parking times for 250 students at the university. Which of the following graphs should NOT be used to display these parking times?
A) Histogram
B) Stem and leaf
C) Box plot
D) Bar Chart
6. A statistic is a summary measure calculated from the:
A) Sample
B) Parameter
C) Population
7. If the standard deviation of a set of scores is 7.5, what would the value of the standard deviation become if 5 pints were added to every score in the set?
A) Stay the same
B) 12.5
C) 37.5
D) Cannot be determined without further information
8. A computer network manager wants to test the reliability of some new expensive fiber optic cables that the computer department just received. The department received 4 boxes, each containing 30 cables. The manager does not have the time to test each cable so she selects one cable at random from each of the four boxes. What is the population?
A) The 4 cables choses
B) The 120 cables
C) All fiber optic cables
9. Suppose that heights of college-age men have approximately a bell-shaped distribution with a mean = 70 inches and a standard deviation = 4 inches. Which choice best completes the following sentence? About 68% of college-age men have a height between:
A) 58 and 82
B) 62 and 78
C) 68 and 72
D) 66 and 74
Variable Gender N N* Q1 Median Q3
Weight Female 175 2 120.00 130.00 145.00
 Male 130 5 155.00 170.00 185.25
The above is the Minitab output for the weight by Gender from a Class Survey. From the output, which of the following is the best interpretation of the median for male students who answered the question?
A) 50 percent of the male students reported a weight of 170 pounds.
B) 50 percent of the male students reported a weight of less than 170 pounds.
C) 50 percent of the male students reported weight of 170 pounds or less.



From the histogram above, which of the following BEST describes the shape of the distribution?
A) Positively skewed or skewed right
B) Negatively skewed or skewed left
C) Uniform
D) Bell shaped
12. When graphing categorical data, which of the following graphs would be MOST appropriate?
A) Pie Chart
B) Box plot
C) Histogram
D) Stem and Leaf
13. Which of the following BEST completes the sentence – The variance measures tht total spread of the data around the:
A) Mode
B) Mean
C) Median
D) Standard Deviation
14. A list of 7 systolic blood pressures is: 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 134, 148. What is the median for this list?
A) 122
B) 120
C) 114
D) 112
15. Correctly identify the following random variable as either categorical or quantitative: The amount of money spent on text books.
A) Categorical
B) Quantitative


16. In a small graduate math class with only five students, the professor gives a difficult, unannounced quiz. For the scores are lower than 30, but one students gets a 95. Which of the following is true?
A) The median and mean scores are the same.
B) It is impossible to tell whether the mean to the median is higher
C) The mean score is greater than the median score
D) The mean score is less than the median score
Variable N Mean Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum
Studying 451 13.6 0 7 10 18 70
Shown above is a summary of response to a Stat200 survey where students were asked how many hours they study each week. Use this to complete the following sentence: About 25% of the students said they study more than ___hours per week.
A) 10
B) 13.6
C) 7
D) 18
18. There are 16 students in a class. Every day the instructor randomly calls on five different students, and a student cannot be called on twice in the same class. Today the instructor has already called on four students, and Tony has not yet been called on. Given this information, what’s the probability that Tony will be the fifth student called?
A) 1/4
B) 1/2
C) 1/12
D) 1/16
Variable N Mean Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum
Studying 451 13.6 0 7 10 18 70
Shown above is a summary of responses to a Stat200 survey where students where asked how many hours they study each week. Which choice is an interval that gives the middle 50% of the weekly hours spent studying for these students?
A) 7 to 18
B) 0 to 10
C) 0 to 13.6
D) 10 to 70

20. You finally graduated from college and are interviewing for two jobs. You estimate the probability of receiving a job offer from Company A to be 0.4. The probability is 0.36 that both Company A and Company B will offer you a job. Given Company A offers you a job, what is the probability that Company B will also offer you a job?
A) 0.144
B) 1.11
C) 0.90
D) 0.36
21. The distribution of blood types among white Americans is approximately as follows: 37% type A, 13% type B, 44% type O, and 6% type AB. Suppose that the blood types of married couples are independent and that both the husband and wife follow this distribution. What is the probability that one person of a randomly chosen couple has type A blood and the other has type B?
A) 0.0484
B) 4.81
C) 0.0962
D) 0.2400
E) .05000


Define the events R = {yes, date difference race} and S – {yes, approve same sex}. Are the events R and S independent?
A) The two events are dependent because P(R)*P(S) equals P(R and S)
B) The two events are dependent because P(R)*P(S) does not equal P(R and S)
C) The two events are independent because P(R)*P(S) does not equal P(R and S)
D) Need more information to tell if independent
E) The two events are independent because P(R)*P(S) equals P(R and S)

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