Pathogenicity of Salmonella typhi

Why does Salmonella typhi serotype produces the more serious/severe infection to the host?

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Salmonella is a gastroenteritis infection caused by eating any raw or undercooked meat as well as egg products which can lead to food poisoning. An example of this under Salmonella spp. is the Salmonella typhi which infects the intestinal and the blood and referred to as the typhoid fever. This can be spread by food and water contamination and through close contact with people who are infected with this bacteria, fecal oral route can also be possible. Like other species under Salmonella this is also a life threatening condition and was said to be the most serious or severe condition when a person is infected. To answer the question, the reason as to why this was described as a serious condition is because of the severity of serotype, they multiply and spread into the bloodstream which leads to complications and results to affect
other organs. Although this can be prevented by Vaccines or Antibiotic treatment but were said to be partially effective only.


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