Olive Oil Lipid Extraction

What is needed for Olive Oil Lipid Extraction?

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Stages of olive oil production
1 Picking: farmers start harvesting olives in early autumn
2 Washing: When the olive fruits reach the press, they are emptied into large jars to be washed.
The mashing of the olives is transferred to mash in special jars, by means of sharp metal blades, to form a smooth paste that is transported through metal tubes to the next stage.
3 Pressing: The olive dough is transferred to special automatic metal presses to press it and extract the oil from it, and at this stage the dough is pressed several times to extract the largest amount of virgin oil. Then the oil is transported in tubes to special jars in preparation for the next stages.
4 Filtering: The oil is transferred at this stage to large jars containing huge filters to purify it from sediments with what is known as turbid oil (tarotb), where hot water is added to it so that the pure oil is completely separated from the sediments in it, then it is transferred to clean jars to be transferred to The next stage.
5 Filling: At this stage, the oil is filled into clean metal or plastic containers, and the oil at this stage has a pure color and a pungent taste.

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