NSG 325 Pediatrics Week 5 Quiz

What is the nursing assessment of visual acuity for the infant and the child? What are the signs and symptoms of conjunctivitis in the child? What is the treatment?

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Visual acuity can be difficult to test in children younger than 3 years of age (Jean et al, 2016). Visual acuity in infants can be assessed by holding an object in front of the eyes, and checking to see whether the infant is able to fix on the object and follow it (Jean et al., 2016). Response to light and pupil response are also other ways to check an infants vision. Use the tumbling E or HOTV test to check visual acuity in children who are unable to read letters and numbers (Jean et al., 2016). If a child can read, then the visual acuity can be tested with the Snellen chart or symbol chart.

Signs and symptoms include: edema of the eyelid, red conjunctiva, enlarged preauricular lymph glands, and mucopurulent exudate that causes mattering, making it difficult for the eyes to open (Ball, 2017). Older children may

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