NSG 325 Pediatrics Week 4 Quiz

What are some signs of substance abuse in children and adolescents?

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Common physical manifestations include alterations in vital signs, weight loss, chronic fatigue, chronic cough, respiratory congestion, red eyes and general apathy and malaise (Ball, 2017). The mental status examination may reveal alterations in level of consciousness, impaired attention and concentration, impaired thought processes, delusions and hallucinations (Ball, 2017). Other manifestations include: poor school performance and changes in mood, sleep habits, appetite, dress and social relationships (Ball, 2017).Teens normally like to stay up late and are frequently tired in the morning, but teens who are abusing drugs will be tired frequently during the day (Ball, 2017). Teens, who are abusing drugs, also may be weepy on occasion when having a difficult time with friends or not performing as desired, and all teens get some infections, but teens abusing drugs may have reddened eyes, oral sores, and constant respiratory discomfort (Ball, 2017).

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