NSG 325 Pediatrics Week 3 Quiz

What needs to be supplemented in infants that are breastfed? Why is too much milk bad for children? What can happen if they drink too much milk? (think CBC)? What needs to be supplemented in children that are vegan? Where do pediatric nurses work in the community? What are some childhood health consequences of obesity?

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It is recommended to begin vitamin D supplements within first few days of life to prevent rickets and vitamin D deficiency (Jean et al., 2016). Iron supplements are recommended for infants who are being exclusively breastfed after the age of 4 months (Jean et al., 2016). Fluoride is given after 6 months if the water is not fluorinated or the baby isn’t drinking water.

Cow’s milk can lead to bleeding and anemia and can interfere with absorption of some nutrients (Ball, 2017). Also parents should be cautioned about giving the child more than a quart of milk a day since it interferes with the desire to eat other foods, leading to dietary deficiencies (Ball, 2017).

In children that are vegan, vitamin D and B12, zinc, iron, calories, protein and fat should be supplemented (Ball, 2017). They work in healthcare centers, physician offices, public health clinics, hospital outpatient centers, school based health care centers, childcare centers, or in the home as a home health nurse (Ball, 2017). The current incidence of overweight children in the united states is epidemic

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