NR-305 Week 2 Discussion

What additional assessment data (subjective and/or objective) would you like to gather from Maria?

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Additional subjective information that I would like to collect is her feelings about her current responsibilities. Does she feel stressed, run-down or overworked? Does she feel that she currently has too many responsibilities to manage on her own? With the noted consumption of caffeine-containing beverages, does she feel overly tired or sleepy when she doesn’t have coffee or sodas? What are her other activities not related to school or familial obligations (i.e exercise, bible study, reading, friends)? I would also like to collect data on Maria’s health history, family history, and social history. [ CITATION Web18 \l 1033 ] There may be factors in her health and familial history that may have symptoms like the ones she is describing. As for social history, does she smoke or consume alcohol? These could also be contributing factors.

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