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Part 1: Factors Contributing to Self-Actualization

Conduct library research to find two research studies that discuss a factor that supports or hinders self-actualization. The studies could range widely from workplace empowerment to parenting styles. You may select a positive factor or a negative factor. That is, you can discuss a key factor or factors that support the pursuit or you can discuss a key factor or factors that researchers recognize as current obstacles to this pursuit. For example, a hindering factor might be the scarcity of food in some cultures.

For each paper and each of the two required factors:

•  Provide a clear definition and description of the factor. Briefly discuss why you chose the factor and how you think it supports or hinders the pursuit of self-actualization. (approx. 125 words)
•  For each factor you plan to discuss, find two primary research papers or review articles that discuss the factor and summarize the main findings of each article. (approx. 250 words for each article)
•  Provide complete citations for the four or more research articles in APA format, including retrieval information.

Part 2: Principles of Motivation and Self-Actualization

Select two principles, theories, or laws about the economics of motivation addressed  readings based on how they relate to what it takes to reach Maslow’s pinnacle. Ideally, you should apply the principles, theories, or laws that also relate to the two factors that you selected in Part 1 of this essay. A connection between the factors selected in Part 1 and the principles, theories, or laws selected in Part 2 is not necessary. However, your writing task might be made more streamlined if they are related.

For each of the two principles, theories, or laws:

•  Present the name of the theory and clearly define it in your own words. (approx. 125 words)
•  Discuss how the theory relates to motivation and how it relates to the pursuit of self-actualization. (approx. 250 words)
•  Provide complete citations for all resources in APA format, including retrieval information.

Part 3: Creating an Empowering Society

Write about the foundations of an empowering society or culture. Bring your findings from Parts 1 and 2 together to help create your new society and culture. Discuss how the two factors and the underlying principles, theories, or laws serve as the foundations for creating this new society where each person is empowered to strive toward self-actualization.

In this project, you discuss factors and principles, theories, or laws that describe what is needed to empower individuals within a society. You also provide a glimpse of this society by detailing many of the aspects of this society that need to be in place to foster empowerment.

Keep in mind that this is a utopian society; it does not necessarily exist in the modern world at this time. You are creating a society with certain factors in place to empower its population.

For this imaginary, utopian society, address the following:

•  Introduce your society by giving it a meaningful name and explaining your rationale for its name. Discuss the philosophical basis of your society, specifically including how the factors and theories played a role in developing your society. (125–250 words)

•  Discuss how your society fosters the following: (approx. 250 words)

º  Pursuit of goals and self-actualization
º  Curiosity
º  Creativity
º  Sense of achievement
º  Self-regulation

•  Describe a typical home or work environment in your society in terms of the following: (approx. 250 words)

º  How the environment embodies the factors and theories you addressed
º  Interpersonal relationships
º  Temperaments
º  Co-operativity
º  Interaction with non-human resources such as food or drugs

•  Describe the political and economic climate in this society. (approx. 250 words)

º  How it supports empowerment of individuals?
º  How it embodies the factors and theories you addressed?

How I need the work done:

Part 1: Factors Contributing to Self-Actualization – For the two articles – total – 3 pages
Part 2: Principles of Motivation and Self-Actualization – For the Two selections -3 pages
Part 3: Creating an Empowering Society – 4 pages

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