MIS Program Reflection Document

MIS Program Reflection Document

You will write an essay reflecting on your experience with the MIS program. In order to recall your experience,.

The questions below can guide your essay.

1. What were the goals all MIS courses you took had in common for your learning experience? (Some goals are similar or common among the MIS courses, but some goals are unique to a particular course.)

2. What was your MIS skill and knowledge level (both business and technical skill and knowledge) before taking the first MIS course at the university?

3. What is your MIS skill and knowledge level now?

4. How do your current skill and knowledge compare with the goals those MIS courses outlined?

5. What are three key critical lessons learned in the MIS program? (These 3 lessons should be a mixture of technical and non-technical areas).

6. How will you use those 3 lessons learned in the near and far future? Give an example specifically how you will apply those lessons, you might want to think about a situation where yourself and an organization that you want to work for will benefit from these lessons.)

7. How will you continue to enhance your knowledge and skills in the future?

General Requirements The reflection should be 5-7 pages, double-space, 12-point Times New Roman.









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