Member of Congress

 Your first assignment is to draft a profile of your member of Congress.  The profile should be written as if the member him/herself actually did the writing (so it should be written in the first person (for example: “I am a member of Congress from the second district….”).  Your profile should include the following information:


  • The member’s personal background (age, race, gender, religion, education, occupation, legislative style, etc.)
  • The location, size, and population demographics of the member’s congressional district
  • The main industry or enterprise within the member’s district, if any
  • The member’s primary concerns and issue positions (stances on public policy)
  • The length of time the member has serviced in Congress


You should be able to find all of this information on the representative’s webpage and/or through simple Google searches.  Do not copy material directly from the web—paraphrase and use citations.


The profile should be one-page long (double-space, 12 pt font).

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