Management Questions

1.Tell me all about the levels of management & Katz framework


2.What is POLC and share an example of each?  


3.What is B2B and B2C and Competitive advantage?


4.What are the steps in problem-solving?


5.In decision making these are terms you should know, classical, behavioral, programmed, non-programmed


6.Share possible business reasons for going international


7.Know Porter’s Five Forces framework


8.Explain, as discussed in class, the aspects of culture should be considered in global business dealings.


9.There are different types of problems that managers must be prepared to deal with, what are they?


10.Know what NAFTA and CAFTA are and who they work for best


11.The introduction of B2B and B2C can have big benefits – what are they?


12.What are the following & when are they used?

Programmed Decisions, Non-programmed Decisions, Classical, Behavioral


13.What is SWOT and how is it used in and out of the company and by whom?


14.Know about the dynamics as discussed in class about global ventures and the cultural issues you might experience?


15.What is good information?


16.We discussed the dominos company in class as part of the entrepreneur section.


17.We watched Tucker in class – hope you paid attention – a few questions about Tucker


18.Know how one attains an ethical position on issues.


19.Please tell me all about each one of the following:   Utilitarian    Individualism    Justice   Moral Rights


20.No how and why people try to show that what they did or are doing is not wrong. (Ethical issues)


21.What is restructuring?


Answer each questions, no limit for words


24 hours finish it.




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