LANS interconnected by two routers

Work out the solutions to the following problems and put them in a word document (.doc format). I need you to use Visio for the diagramming. Incorporate the Visio diagram into the Word document by copying from Visio and pasting it onto Word.

Consider three LANS interconnected by two routers (see the attachment for the diagram).

a. Redraw the diagram to include adapters. (see attachment)

b. Assign IP addresses to all the interfaces. For Subnet 1 use addresses of the form; for Subnet 2 use addresses of the form; and for Subnet 3 use addresses of the form

c. Assign MAC addresses to all of the adapters.

d. Consider sending an IP diagram from Host A to Host F. Suppose all of the ARP tables are up to date. Enumerate all the steps required.

e. Repeat question d, now assuming that the ARP table in the sending host is empty and the other tables are up to date. 

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