Juvenile Interrogation

Juvenile Interrogation

Write an approximately 5-7 page, double-spaced concise paper that addresses the following points in detail. This is a research-based paper! Your paper should include a lot of examples and very little “fluff” matter. Make sure to cite any sources you use (APA). Your paper must include a reference page and in-text citations. A minimum of 5 sources is required. You will likely need more to address your topic well.

Topic Description / Intro (1/2pg): What is the topic? Include key definitions, prevalence statistics, etc.

Why is it controversial? (1pg): (problems it causes, ethical issues, etc.) Rely on the research literature for this part, not personal opinion. Make sure to present “both” sides of the issue if there are clear sides. Examples from news sources and such work well here too.

What has been done to address the issue in the past? (1pg – 1.5pgs): This section should make note of key U.S. Supreme Court cases, relevant laws/ legislation, policy movements, etc.

Current trends (1/2pg – 1pg): What is currently being done to address the issue? This can include current law/ policy, as well as examples of innovations certain jurisdictions are making.

Proposed Solution (1pg): If you had unlimited $ and authority, what would you do about the issue? Explain, using examples and other evidence, why you think this solution would work.


Research proposal / Conclusion (1pg): Based on what you have learned, what are TWO things we (as a CJ/ JJ system) do not know related to this topic that might be helpful. Outline a research strategy that would provide us this information. Some students find it helpful to base this section on the ideas they had for a suggested solution.

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