When you are designing a Local Area Network what components on the network would you include in your physical diagram?2. Network Evolution and Trends – Why would organizations use BYOD to have their employees bring their devices to work? What are some advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

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The physical diagram of a network includes all the components required to build a network to desired specifications. When building a local area network (LAN), there are certain components which must be part of this diagram in order for the LAN to function. Each LAN will contain one or more desktop or laptop computer systems accessing the network through a router. The LAN usually has a router or switch which forwards the packets to the correct IP address just as USPS delivers mail to an address (Solomon, Kim and Carrell, 2014). Routers are connected through Ethernet cables or devices such as Network Interface cards (NICs) which provide signal for wireless systems within the network. Other optional devices can be added to the Lan such as

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