Integrated Marketing Communications: Tiger Airways


This assessment item relates to the learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Assignment submission

All assignments should be submitted online through the MRKT 20024 Moodle site. All reports will be checked by Turnitin to compare the report to other sources and will provide students and lecturers with a similarity score for the report. Reports with a similarity score index of more than 20% will be checked for plagiarism (although it may not necessarily mean that the student has plagiarised).

Assessment task- Case Study

You are required to read Case Study 1 p. 97-98 Tiger Airways from the Chitty et al. 2012, Integrated Marketing Communications 3/e, Cengage Learning Australia Pty Ltd, Victoria textbook.

After reading the case study, you are required to answer all the four (4) questions of the case study listed on p. 98 of the prescribed textbook.

A report format is not required for this assignment. However, structure and presentation of the assignment will count. A title page, table of contents, body (introduction, answering of all the questions) are required for this assessment. Your assignment should be typed in times new roman with font 12 and single line spacing.


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