I need help with a computer architecture and organization project.

Description In this project you will develop a program in steps using MIPS assembly language. The program will find and print all factors of an integer that is input by the user.

Step 1 Prompt for and get input. Set up you program to prompt for the integer and then read it in. This should be two system calls (there is a third to exit the program). Test your solution. Once you have this much working you should submit it as step 1.

Step 2: Testing a divisor In step 2 you should test the input value against another integer for divisibility. The divide instruction can return a remainder. If the remainder is zero you should output the factor using a system call. Once this works to your satisfaction you should upload it as step 2.

Step 3: Looping through factors. You should loop through all the possible factors from 1 up to the input integer and test if each one is a factor. 1 and the number itself are obvious factors. Once you have written this portion you should test it against some prime numbers as well as values with lots of factors. Once this is completed submit it as step 3.

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